Management Information System is a system which gathers data from various business processes, analyses the information and reports data to aid in management decision making.

Every business, be it manufacturing, service oriented organisation or simple sales and marketing agency, has its own unique set of data related to the business operations and process, product and service data, sales and marketing data, customer  information and many more which all needs to be stored electronically in a database which can be searched, analysed and processed to generate reports to aid business decision making.

Our team of Consultant & Business Analyst specialize in business requirement gathering, understanding operation and process of the organisation, analyse and understand data noted on papers, files, and various spreadsheets etc, understand those and structure them properly to store in a database, work along with our database and software development team to develop a web based information system which can be used on any digital device, tablet, pads, mobile phones or desktop/laptops to input business data and generate reports.

JHUNS has developed and successfully implemented many custom Management Information Systems for various business organisations belonging to different business verticals.

If you are storing data on papers, forms, spreadsheets and paper files, get in touch with us to store them digitally using a custom web based application, generate custom reports to help in quick management decision making.


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